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Mocha flavoured Nicotine Pouches

Discover the Nordic way to nicotine with Nordic Spirit. Explore our range of bold flavours and enjoy a modern and 100% tobacco-free nicotine experience.

Our Nordic Spirit Mocha pouches provide rich coffee flavours combined with the creamy taste of chocolate. Get a unique nicotine experience with this coffee shop classic rediscovered in a nicotine pouch.​

Our tobacco-free nicotine pouches are made from a soft, white material derived from plant-based fibre & gum base.

Just place the discreet pouch under your upper or lower lip and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Nordic Spirit Mocha Nicotine Pouches

Mocha Nicotine Pouches

Our Mocha nicotine pouches provide a rich and creamy flavour for a unique nicotine experience, perfect for coffee lovers. Each can contains 20 nicotine pouches.​

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Nordic Spirit Mocha Nicotine Pouches​
Nordic Spirit Mocha Nicotine Pouches​
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Discover your Nordic moment

The Mocha pouches come in the Strong (9mg) nicotine strength. The discreet pouch lets you enjoy a modern nicotine delivery and turn everyday moments into Nordic ones.

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Find out more about Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches in our FAQ.

  1. Mocha Nicotine Pouches
    Mocha Nicotine Pouches
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