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Bergamot Wildberry Flavoured Nicotine Pouches

Discover the Nordic way to nicotine with Nordic Spirit. Explore our range of bold flavours and enjoy a modern and 100% tobacco-free nicotine experience.

Our Bergamot Wildberry nicotine pouches are an easy and new way to enjoy nicotine without tobacco. Nordic Spirit lets you carry on with your day, so you don’t have to stop and miss a moment.

Enjoy the unique blend of Bergamot and Wildberry with Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry pouches. The zingy citrus notes of the bergamot combine perfectly with the vibrant sweet and tart berries for an distinctive flavour experience.

Our tobacco-free nicotine pouches are made from a soft white material derived from plant-based fibre and gum base and are available in a range of nicotine strengths.

Just place the discreet pouch under your upper or lower lip and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

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Nordic Spirit Mint Menthol Nicotine Pouches​
Nordic Spirit Mint Menthol Nicotine Pouches​
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Discover your Nordic Moment

Choose between three nicotine strengths available in Regular (6mg), and Strong (9mg) and Extra Strong (11mg). The discreet pouch lets you enjoy a modern nicotine delivery and turn everyday moments into Nordic ones.

Bergamot Wildberry Nicotine Pouches

Our Bergamot Wildberry nicotine pouches provide the perfect blend of wildberries and bergamot resulting in a sweet taste with a citrus edge. Each can contains 20 nicotine pouches.

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Nordic Spirit Mint Menthol Nicotine Pouches​

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bergamot regular


Great for adult vapers or smokers new to nicotine pouches.

bergamot strong

STRONG (9mg)

A great choice for those who want a stronger nicotine delivery.

bergamot x-strong


Providing a more intense sensation for more experienced nicotine users.

Looking for a Different Flavour?

Explore other Nordic Spirit nicotine flavours including Elderflower & Mint.

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Mint can




Find out more about Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches in our FAQ.

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