UK Life is Opening Back Up… Try Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches & Never Miss Out On the Fun


As lockdown restrictions start to loosen, much of the UK is waking from a lengthy hibernation. Activities shelved for so long can be picked up again, leaving you free to meet friends inside, travel to a beauty spot, or grab a ticket for a live show. Whatever you choose to do, you can enjoy a nicotine experience anytime, anywhere thanks to Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches. 


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Nicotine Pouches — For Those Who Refuse to Settle


Social distancing… face masks… rummaging around on Netflix for that one show we haven’t watched — it’s been an interesting year to say the least! 

But now you have summer music festivals to look forward to. Good nights out at your favourite pub. Trips to the beach with your friends. 

And you can take Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches with you. 

Easy, convenient, and zero hassle — that’s what nicotine pouches were designed to be.  

They are a smokeless, vapour-free, and tobacco-free nicotine solution meaning you don’t have to step out or stop what you’re doing to use them. Simply pop one between your gums and lips (a single pouch is very slim and discreet) and you’ll enjoy a flavourful nicotine experience that lasts for up to an hour. 


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Here’s How Nicotine Pouches Seamlessly Fit Into Your [Almost] Post-Pandemic Life


  • At a pub or a restaurant, you can easily use a nicotine pouch 

  • On public transport, when you’re travelling to or from work. Pop a pouch, and don’t compromise on your daily routine.

  • At the barbers. Or at work. Or when you’re waiting in line to get fish and chips. Nicotine pouches work everywhere. 


And as indoor gatherings are becoming a reality again. A weird reality (after more than a year), but still a reality. You’ll be glad you have your nicotine pouches on you. They'll mean you no longer have to nip out and miss out on conversations with your friends. 


Make Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches your alternative to smoking or vaping today. Choose between Standard and Mini pouch sizes and take your pick when it comes to flavours — Sweet Mint, Raspberry, Frosty Berry, Frosty Mint, Spearmint, Mint, Bergamot Wildberry, Watermelon, Mocha and Elderflower. Now the UK has begun to ease lockdown restrictions you have the opportunity to explore what this new normal looks like. And you can never miss a moment with Nordic Spirit.  


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