Size matters. That’s why we’ve launched Mini – a smaller, thinner nicotine pouch that fits more discreetly under your lip. Mini joins our existing range of Standard nicotine pouches which come in a slightly larger pouch size. Before you pick the pouch that’s right for you, it’s important to understand the differences.


Mini – more convenient, less noticeable



Smaller than the nicotine pouches you might have used before, the shorter, thinner Mini nicotine pouches fit even more comfortably under your lip, making them more convenient to enjoy while you carry on with your day. Because they’re smaller, Mini pouches are also less noticeable – which might make them more suitable depending on when and where you usually use them. They also come in a thinner can, which is great news for anyone who has far too much in their bag already.

Currently available in Spearmint and Mint, Nordic Spirit Mini comes in one nicotine strength (Regular, 3mg). This lower strength makes the Mini pouches perfect for some, though more experienced users may prefer a stronger nicotine experience from our Standard range. If you’re looking for more variety, you might want to think about Standard.



Standard – same pouches, new name



If you're worried that your favourite pouches have disappeared, don't be – Nordic Spirit is still the same product you know and love in the Standard pouch size.

Standard pouches are still available in Spearmint, Mint, Bergamot Wildberry, Watermelon, Mocha and Elderflower and you can still choose from a range of different nicotine strengths the same as before.

If you’re after a range of flavours and a choice of stronger strengths, Nordic Spirit Standard will be more suitable for you – with the same size pouches that most people find comfortable to enjoy anytime, anywhere.



Making your choice

So which nicotine pouch is better? As ever, it all comes down to personal preference. If you feel like you might find a shorter, thinner pouch more comfortable, give Mini a try and see how it feels. Think about when and where you usually enjoy your nicotine pouches, and see if a smaller pouch (or a thinner can) might make things easier for you.

The great thing about Nordic Spirit is that it fits into your life without getting in the way – making sure you don’t have to miss out on anything when you’re spending time with friends, watching the big game or making the most of your weekends. Why not give Mini a try and see what you think?