Our Limited-Edition Watermelon Nicotine Pouches made quite the splash last summer. 


If you’re looking for a taste of summer, say no more -  our succulent Watermelon nicotine pouch might be just what you’re after. And the really good news? Thanks to its popularity, we’re bringing it back. You can now enjoy our 100% Tobacco-Free Watermelon Nicotine Pouches all year long and available in Regular and Strong


Before deciding whether this is the right nicotine pouch for you, let’s take a closer look at this tropical flavour.


What to expect from our Watermelon Nicotine Pouches

If you’re looking for a taste of summer, our sun-kissed Watermelon flavour nicotine pouch might be just what you’re after. It should come as no surprise that this has become one of our favourite nicotine pouches!

At Nordic Spirit, our range of nicotine pouches is 100% tobacco-free, offering a steady flow of nicotine after just a few minutes. The pouches are discreet, fitting neatly under your top or bottom lip, and release no smoke or vapour.


What strengths are available?

Our Watermelon Nicotine Pouches are available in two strengths: 
•    Regular 
•    Strong 


If you’re new to nicotine pouches, you may wish to start with Regular strength. As you’d expect, the Watermelon flavour profile is subtler than some of our other options - take our Spearmint Nicotine Pouches, for example, which are more suited for those seeking a sweet menthol freshness.


Our other nicotine pouch flavours

At Nordic Spirit, we offer a range of nicotine pouches to choose from. If you’re looking for another summer flavour, these picks from our range might suit you:

•    Bergamot Wildberry Nicotine Pouch: A slightly tangy aroma of wild berries with a citrus aftertaste of the Bergamot orange.
•    Elderflower Nicotine Pouch: A mellow mix of wild elderflower with a touch of summer citrus fruits


How does the Watermelon Nicotine Pouch work?

Nicotine pouches are a modern alternative to tobacco smoking or vaping. Originating in Sweden, the history of nicotine pouches saw advances in tobacco production (extracting the nicotine from the tobacco plant) in 2003, playing a huge role in how nicotine pouches are produced today.


But, how exactly do they work?


Our Watermelon Nicotine Pouches are designed to be discreet and smoke-free, meaning they can be enjoyed indoors, outdoors, and in public spaces - such as your work commute. 


Once your Watermelon pouch is removed from the can, you simply place it under your lip (either top or bottom is fine). Once placed, you may experience a slight tingling sensation - this is the nicotine and flavours releasing. This sensation may last up to 15 minutes before stabilising.


After you have finished with your Watermelon Nicotine Pouch, it is non-recyclable, so it should be disposed of in the general waste. When you're out and about, the smartly designed lid can serve as a temporary storage spot for used pouches. This way, you can effortlessly keep them contained until you find the perfect opportunity to dispose of them, before recycling the empty can.


For more on this, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Nicotine Pouches.


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So, yes - the Watermelon Nicotine Pouch is back for good! You asked, we listened. 


Keen to try it out for yourself? Order a free nicotine pouch sample today.