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I confirm that I wish to participate in the market research program and agree as follows: 
The Research Client 
1. Gallaher Limited t/a JTI UK (the Client) is committed to responsible smoking and vaping. 
2. The Client conducts sensory testing of nicotine pouches and other nicotine-containing products or their prototypes developed by the Client or third parties (Products) on an ongoing basis (Testing). 
3. The purpose of the Testing is to evaluate the sensory characteristics of the Products. Each session of the Testing will be coordinated by a Testing co-ordinator (Co-ordinator). 
4. During the Testing, I will be asked to consume the Products and to provide my feedback either orally and/or via the completion of an online questionnaire or evaluation sheet. 
5. The subject of the market research is nicotine pouches.   
About me and my participation 
6. I am a legal resident of the UK and am 19 years of age or over and have been consuming nicotine pouches for over 3 months, and I am legally entitled to use such Products.
7. I have been consuming nicotine pouches for over 3 months, and I am legally entitled to nicotine pouches. 
8. I acknowledge that if the Products being researched contain nicotine, they may carry the risks that are associated with the use of all tobacco products. I acknowledge that if they are nicotine  pouches or other nicotine-containing products, then the long-term health effects of their use are not fully known.  
9. I confirm I would like to participate with the Research on this basis.  

Information and Confidentiality 
10. The content of the market research program, any documentation supplied and all other information that would be regarded as confidential by a reasonable person is confidential to the Client. I shall not acquire any rights to or in the Client’s Confidential Information. 
11. I will keep the Confidential Information confidential and shall not disclose it (except as strictly necessary for the market research program) or otherwise share it with any third party. I will destroy, delete or return the Confidential Information of the Client (and any copies) if requested. The Client gives no warranty regarding, and shall not be liable for, the accuracy or completeness of its Confidential Information. 
Content and Ownership 
12. I acknowledge that there may be filming or other recording of the market research program (“Recording”), and consent to the Recording being used for the Client’s market research program.   
13. I agree that the intellectual property rights in any ideas discussed or generated by the Client as a result of my participation in the market research program will belong to the Client. I waive and assign any rights I may have in respect of the same, and agree to execute any documentation that may be required by the Client to complete such assignment or waiver. 
Data Protection 
14. I acknowledge that the Client will only receive personal data about me in an aggregated format for the purposes of the research, and I would not be personally identifiable from this information.  
15. The client may retain on file a copy of this signed participation agreement, however it will only be used to confirm my consent to the research, and will only be retained for as long as reasonably required by the Client for its legitimate interests. 
16. I accept that I will be contacted by the client’s third-party research agency by phone and/or email. 
Agreement and English Law 
17. This agreement constitutes the entire understanding and agreement between myself and the Client with respect to my access to and use of the Client’s Confidential Information.  
18. The agreement shall be governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the purpose of resolving any related dispute.  

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