Nordic Spirit teams up with Mixmag to bring you the best place to find new music 


Do you remember the last time you discovered your new favourite tuneOne of the things we missed most during lockdown was that buzz of discovering a new artist that really exciteus – catching a support act at a gig, walking into the wrong tent at a festival, or hearing an amazing new beat in the middle of a club.  


But just because we spent far too long not being able to enjoy live music the way we used to, it didn’t mean we had to miss out on hearing the next big thing, which is why Nordic Spirit teamed up with Mixmag to create Soundscapes – a new platform for box-fresh electronic and dance music that brings the thrill of discovery crashing right back through our headphones whether you’re going out or staying in.  


With all tracks hand-picked by Mixmag, #NordicSoundscapes is a curated playlist of the world’s best new music that you can tune into on Spotify andSoundCloud. 


In its purest form, Soundscapes helps people find the best new dance music at a time when so much new music is being made but not always getting the spotlight it deserves,” says Nick Stevenson, Managing Director at Mixmag. “The playlists are sourced by the hive mind of Mixmag's 18 global offices and they contain the best new, up-and-coming and established artists across all genres of dance music. It's best consumed with an open mind and the volume up.


Much more than just a playlist, #NordicSoundscapes is a series broadcasts streamed from some of the UK's most stunning rural vistas - helping the world's best artists set up their deck in the wild. You can see exclusive DJ sets on our Youtube channel from Nic Fanciulli and Eats Everything - all recorded live in the wilds of some of the UK's most dramatic outdoor locations. Want to find out how we create these live streams, find out more in our exclusive behind the scenes documentary


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