Don’t miss out on important moments and conversations anymore. Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are a modern way to experience nicotine wherever you are.


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Do you find you have to wait for the ad breaks before you can step out for a smoke or vape? We get it.


It’s not quick or easy to enjoy a cigarette or a vape these days. When you’re in a pub, you have to make excuses when you nip out for a quick smoke. And when you’re spending time outdoors with friends or family, you have to take breaks you don’t want to take, and skip out on the action or the conversations. But it doesn’t have to be like that.


With Nordic Spirit, you no longer have to stop what you’re doing for a cigarette break or step outside to remove your face mask for a vape.


Nordic Spirit - A smoke-free alternative to tobacco

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are a smokeless, vapourless, and tobacco-free nicotine alternative designed for you and your lifestyle.


Because they’re so easy to use, our pouches will quickly become your favourite way to experience nicotine. A way that allows you to stay present and to participate in conversations without disturbing others or having to stop what you’re doing while at work. These pouches are so discreet that hardly anyone will notice you using one (and it won’t interfere with talking, laughing, or even singing).


To enjoy a Nordic Spirit nicotine pouch, simply put one under your lip. After a few minutes, the pouch will start working, and you’ll taste a fresh explosion of flavour. One pouch is good for up to an hour, after which you should remove it (and place it in the handy compartment at the top of your Nordic Spirit can).


Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are available in four distinct flavours- Mint, Bergamot Wildberry, Elderflower and Strawberry. This makes them a great alternative for any smokers affected by the recent characterising flavour ban on menthol cigarettes, and smokers who want more choice for their nicotine experience.


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Nordic Spirit - Your nicotine alternative

For a nicotine experience that fits your lifestyle, choose Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches — a modern, easy and convenient nicotine alternative. You can now try this tobacco alternative for free with your first purchase.


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